Panda New Best Android App

By | January 21, 2020

Panda New Best Android App

Very good app . Does what it supposed to plus you can use free till you decide to upgrade . Panda Best Android App is not like any other of the VPN I have tried .

I have installed this software and foud it very fast and accurate. Previously been installed Best Android App were slower than this and call quality also low in comparison. I might check this few more days and update my feedback here. Right now pretty satisfied and recommended.

This app is the only free Best Android App out there I have been trying all the “free” vpns but all of them are fake except panda VPN I have been using it from two days and it is working well.

The best of Best Android App ! I am even considering paying for a perfect service of this Best Android App as they are offering generous of free VPN with great connection ! Good job and I am gonna expecting perfect experience through paid services .

So far it’s working great. No issues. I’m now in China and not having any problems with this application. I am able to open all the applications I need. Great job! Thanks

It doesnt work. I turned it on and the wifi completely stopped working. Then when I turned the Best Android App off the wifi worked. I would not reccomend this to anyone.

First impression is 1 hour free trial by watching video Rare one , very good and recommend apps ….. Keep improving for the future.

This app is the best Best Android App in China nowadays.You can use the VIP connection for free for an hour,that is very fast and stable.

I tried few countriest but they don’t work at all it would just make me can’t use anything online unless I turn it off I don’t know what’s wrong with it? Or is it my device? It worked but it requires tons of try for it to work. OPPO F37

Initially, I had a problem with my (paid) account, but I am sure it was something I did wrong, however, I contacted support and it was soon fixed. The service works well, and support, (if you need it) is quick and responsive. Excellent app and I will be using it every time I travel in the future.

So far so good. Can also view ads for prem server time.

First of all,the app is very good..highly recommended and lately updating my app on my ps4 is so long but this Best Android App help me alot i highly recommended the china server

Very fast and free Best Android App . I highly recommend it!

I tried alot of Panda in able to play ML in china all of then didnt work until i found panda it works .

Awesome work guys… as a student i dont have money… i got many tutorials and ebooks from torrent… thanks for this support.. Download

very nice using this Panda.. before i used few Panda and then later it’s not working and this Panda is somehow isn’t working well but day after day it’s become good to use it from time to time

The fastest Panda connection I’ve ever used so far!

Great Panda, and is free, it works perfectly

Great Application to use, and YouTube is super fast. I can download and upload documents and pictures very quickly. All Google Services, Twitter, Facebook and blocked websites can access now……

Faster than any other Panda I have used!

Great free Panda that works really well in China 🙂


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